Chapter 18. 3.0.0 New Features

Table of Contents

New Staff Client
New EDI Order Generator
3 Day Courtesy Notice by SMS
Add Description Field to Circulation and Hold Configuration Entries
Apache Internal Port Configuration Option
Configurable Bib Record Display Fields
Fix COPY_STATUS_LONGOVERDUE.override Permission Typo
Hold Targeter V2 Repairs and Improvements
New marc_export --descendants Option
RTL and LTR Public Catalog Stylesheets Merged
Miscellaneous Improvements
Obsolete Internal Flag Removed
Tweaks to Caching/Expiry of Public Catalog Assets
Action/Trigger Events Data Purging
Remove JSPAC Redirects
New open-ils.auth.login API
Batch Patron Contact Invalidation
Pure-SQL catalog searching
Authority Record and Headings Browse Improvements
Copy Tags and Digital Bookplates
Include Call Number Prefixes and Suffixes in Export and Z39.50 output
Batch Editing of Patron Records
Honor Timezone of the Acting Library
Enhancements to Hard Due Date Functionality
Patron Search by Birth Date
Patron Search from Place Hold
Retrieve Recent Patrons
Fuller title in XUL client Simplified Pull List
Transit Cancel Time and Terminology Change
Offline Circulation Available in Web Staff Client
Add Circ Modifier to Record Detail Page in Staff TPAC
Date+Time Format Settings for Web Client
Global Option to Remove Sound for a Specific Event
Public catalog
Improvements to ebook API
Improvements to Bill Payment Pages
Clickable Copy Locations
Download Checkout History CSV Fixed for Large Number of Circulations
Google Books Preview Rewrite
jQuery for the Public Catalog
New Popularity Parameters
Option to Suspend Holds at the Time They are Placed
Fix to reporter.classic_current_circ View
New Report Source Table Allowing Report of "Last" Deleted copy
Add Provider to Provider Note Link
Link ILS User and Working Location Reporting Sources
New Circulation Report Source "All Circulation Combined Types"
Reports Template Searching
Web Staff Client Serials Module
SIP Bugfix Changes How Encoding Is Determined in Configuration

New Staff Client

Evergreen 3.0 features a new, modern staff client that runs in the web browser and can be used on desktop and mobile devices. All functional areas of the system, including circulation, cataloging, acquisitions, serials, reports, booking, administration, and offline circulation, are available in the new staff client. Chrome and Firefox are officially supported for use with the web client.

Library staff will no longer need to download separate software to perform most actions in Evergreen. A Chrome plugin called Hatch will be available as a separate installation for workstations that require seamless, dialog-free printing to multiple printers.

In addition to adding more portability and stability, the new staff client also presents a cleaner and more modern interface for users. By virtue of running in a browser, actions that users are accustomed to performing on other web sites should now be available in the Evergreen client.

The old, XUL client will continue to be available to allow for a gradual transition to the browser-based client, but no new features will be added. The old client will totally be removed from Evergreen in the Fall 2018 3.2.0 release.