New open-ils.auth.login API

The open-ils.auth service has a new API for requesting an authentication token. It performs the same steps as the open-ils.auth.authenticate.init and .complete APIs in a single call, using the bare password. No intermediate password hashing is required.

The paramaters are the same as the .complete call with a few modifications.

  1. Using the generic identifier parameter in combination with the org parameter allows the API to reliably determine if an identifier value is a username or barcode. The caller is no longer required to make that determination up front.
  2. The nonce parameter is no longer used.

Batch Patron Contact Invalidation

The following methods are used to mark patron contact fields as invalid by moving the invalid value to a standing penalty:

  • open-ils.actor.invalidate.email
  • open-ils.actor.invalidate.day_phone
  • open-ils.actor.invalidate.evening_phone
  • open-ils.actor.invalidate.other_phone

These methods now accept a fifth argument specifying the value of the contact field, e.g., a specific phone number or email address. If supplied, and if a specific patron ID (the first argument) is not supplied, all patrons with that specific contact value will have it marked invalid.