Offline Circulation Available in Web Staff Client

Offline circulation is now available in the web staff client. In order to use the offline interface, users must first log into the web staff client, perform a patron search, select a user from the results, and open the patron editor interface to collect all the relevent configuration information for the workstation. In addition, the offline interface available from the Circulation menu provides a Download block list button for users who are logged in.

As is the case in the old staff client, users can check materials in and out, renew items, and create new patron accounts while offline. The patron fields available in the offline patron registration editor are the same ones that are available to staff when working online.

Add Circ Modifier to Record Detail Page in Staff TPAC

The circulation modifier field is added to the table of copies to make more information available to staff without having to open the Holdings View.

Date+Time Format Settings for Web Client

This change deprecates the existing Format Dates and Format Times settings and adds two settings for use with the webstaff client:

  • Format Dates with this pattern
  • Format Date+Time with this pattern

These settings use format strings as documented here:

There is overlap with how the Dojo formats worked, but also some differences.

The original Format Dates and Format Times settings worked together, but the new settings work independently. Certain field elements will use one, and certain field elements will use the other. These distinctions are hard-coded in the various UI templates, with the idea being that timestamp fields in which the date component alone is sufficient information (for example, date of birth) will use the Format Dates setting. Fields where the time component is important (for example, checkout time) will use the Format Date+Time setting.

When the settings Format Dates and Format Date+Time are unset, we will default to "shortDate" (M/d/yy) and "short" (M/d/yy h:mm a), respectively.

Global Option to Remove Sound for a Specific Event

A new nosound.wav file has been added to the web client. The file can be used to globally disable audio alerts for a specific event on an Evergreen system.

For example, to silence the alert that sounds after a successful patron search:

mkdir -p /openils/var/web/audio/notifications/success/patron/
cd /openils/var/web/audio/notifications/success/patron/
ln -s ../../nosound.wav by_search.wav