Web Staff Client Serials Module

The serials module has been ported over to the web staff client, implementing a unified serials interface that combines ideas from both the serial control view and alternate serials control view from the old staff client.

In addition to carrying over functionality that was available in the old staff client, several new features are included:

  • the ability to save prediction pattern codes as templates that can be shared and reused within an Evergreen database
  • a more streamlined interface for managing subscriptions, distributions, and streams
  • it is no longer necessary to create a starting issue in order to predict a run of issues; the dialog box for generating a set of predicted issues now lets you specify the starting point directly.
  • the ability to more directly edit MFHDs

The new serials interfaces can be accessed from the record details page via a Serials drop-down button that links to a subscription management page, a quick-receive action, and a MFHD management page. There is also a new Serials Administration page where prediction pattern and serial copy templates can be managed.