Fix to reporter.classic_current_circ View

The reporter.classic_current_circ view, which is part of some extra views defined in Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/example.reporter-extension.sql, has been fixed to not exclude loans for patrons who do not have a billing address set. Users of this view should rerun Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/example.reporter-extension.sql during upgrade.

New Report Source Table Allowing Report of "Last" Deleted copy

This source table allows you to construct a clever aggregate report template which will report bibliographic IDs where a library or a group of libraries no longer have a copy attached but had a copy attached. This is especially useful when a holdings sync is required with an external vendor.

Instructions for creating a report template with this source:

  • Create a new report template using "Library Holdings Count with Deleted" as the source
  • Add "Has Only Deleted Copies 0/1" (Min) to the Aggregate Filters → Change Value to "1"
  • Add "Last Edit Date" (Max) to Aggregate Filters. In Aggregate Filters, change the operator to "Between"
  • Add Circulation Library → "Organizational Unit ID" to Base Filters, with the Raw Data transform. In the list of Base Filters, change the operator to "In list"
  • Add "Bib ID" to Displayed Fields
  • Add "Last Edit Date" to Displayed Fields and Change Transform to Max
  • Add "Has Only Deleted Copies 0/1" to Displayed Fields and Change Transform to Min
  • Add "Total copies attached" to Displayed Fields and Change Transform to Sum

This template will only output bibliographic IDs where all of the copies for the specified branch(es) are deleted. Furthermore, it will only output bibs whose copies were edited (deleted) during the specified date range. Unfortunately the user will have to manually type the date range without the date picker. This view will also allow you to answer questions like "Show me bibs where I have one visible copy and more than two deleted copies."

Add Provider to Provider Note Link

The Provider reporting source now includes a link to the Provider Note reporting source.

Link ILS User and Working Location Reporting Sources

The Working Location reporting source now has labels and it is now linked to the ILS User reporting source, allowing reports to display or filter on staff working location.

New Circulation Report Source "All Circulation Combined Types"

This report source will allow you to create a single report template for all of the following:

  • In-house uses
  • In-house uses of non-cataloged items
  • Circulations
  • Circulations of non-cataloged items

To distinguish between these different types of library use, it’s important to display these columns in your report templates:

  • Item Type
  • Circulation Type

Reports Template Searching

A new form appears along the top of the reports interface for searching report templates. Once found, typical template actions (e.g. create new report) are available from within the results interface.

Searches may be performed across selected (visible) folders or all folders visible to the logged in user.

Searches are case-insensitive, any word order, with left-anchored words. All searched words must appear in at least one of the searched fields.


  • Searching for stat cat matches:

    • stat cat
    • statistical category
    • categories, statistical
    • patrons (stat cat)
  • Searching for stat cat does not match:

    • stat

      • both words must be present in the searched field(s)
    • stat location

      • location contains cat but it’s not left-anchored.

Reporter Paging

The templates, reports, and output interfaces now support paging via new Next, Prev, and Start links next to the output limit selector.