Authority Record and Headings Browse Improvements

Various improvements are made to support for authority records and headings browsing:

  • The MARC to MADS XSLT stylesheet is now used as part of parsing headings from authority records. Since the MODS and MADS stylesheets extract headings in similar ways, duplicate browse entries are now much less likely to occur.
  • A new configuration table, authority.heading_field, is now used to specify how headings should be extracted from authority records.
  • Related headings can now be identified as narrower or broader when browsing in the public catalog.
  • See references are now more reliably included in the browse list.
  • Scope (public) notes now display only under the main heading.
  • There is now a global flag, Display related headings (see-also) in browse, that can be used to control whether related headings (see-alsos) are displayed in the public catalog list.
  • A complete set of thesauruses are now included in the seed data. Thesauruses can now be identified using short and long codes.
  • The labels for see and see-also references in the public catalog are a bit more patron-friendly, and can now be tweaked via TPAC template customization in the browse.tt2 file.

Copy Tags and Digital Bookplates

Copy tags will allow staff to apply custom, pre-defined labels or tags to copies. Copy tags are searchable in both the staff client and public catalog. This feature was designed to be used for Digital Bookplates to attach donation or memorial information to copies, but may be used for broader purposes to tag items.

Each copy tag can either be publicly-visible or visible only to staff. Copy tags also have types that can be used for restricting catalog searches on copy tags to particular types.

Copy tags are displayed in the copy table in the record summary page in the public catalog, and a new library setting can be used to add a "Digital Bookplate" search field. Copy tags can also be used as a search filter, e.g.,

  • copy_tag(bookplate, jane smith): search for records that have a copy tag of type bookplate whose value contains jane smith.
  • copy_tag(*, jane smith): search for records that have a copy tag of any type whose value contains jane smith.

All staff-side interfaces related to copy tags exist only in the web staff client. There are two new administration interfaces for managing copy tags and copy tag types. The copy editor now has a Copy Tags button for applying copy tags to copies; that interface can also be used to create new copy tags on the fly. Furthermore, the copy buckets interface now has an Apply Tags action for assigning tags to groups of copies.


Two new permission are included:

  • ADMIN_COPY_TAG_TYPES: required to create a new tag type under Administration → Server Administration → Copy Tag Types
  • ADMIN_COPY_TAG: required to create a new tag under Administration → Local Administration → Copy Tags

The existing permission UPDATE_COPY controls whether or not a user can link copies to tags.

Library Settings

A new library setting, Enable Digital Bookplate Search, controls whether to display a Digital Bookplate field in the search index drop-downs in the catalog. A Digital Bookplate search will include all records that have a copy that matches the tag specified by the user. It should be noted that this library setting does not affect the display of copy tags on the catalog record summary page.

Include Call Number Prefixes and Suffixes in Export and Z39.50 output

The call number prefix and suffix, when present, are now included in subfields $k and $m of the 852 field when running marc_export with the --items switch. Similarly, when using Evergreen as a Z39.50 server configured to embed item data in 852 fields, the affixes are now included in subfields $k and $m.