Part II. Evergreen 2.5 Release Notes

Table of Contents

3. Upgrade Notes
Long Overdue Circulations Management
Web-Based Patron Self-Registration
Log Redaction Config Change
Server Add-ons
4. New Features
Support PO activation without requiring items
Differentiate between cancelled and "delayed" lineitems
Opportunistic Acquisitions In-Process Copy Overlay
Printing PO Names on Purchase Orders
Default filter option for configuration screens
Upgrade Notes : IDL2js Locale Support
Inter-authority linking script
New Updates Tools Module
"Purge Holds"
Action Trigger Event Repeatability
Vandelay Item Import Defaults
Z39.50 Batch Search and Queue
Patron barcode regex for patron registration
Setting for Desk Renewal to use original circulating library
Library Setting to Disable Patron Credit
Option to Disallow Use of a Branch as a Pickup Library for Holds
Floating Groups
Long Overdue Circulations Management
Patron blocking by lost items and include lost as items out
Long-Overdue Patron Standing Penalty
Per-Hold Behind Desk Setting
Print Single Item Receipt
More User Name Fields Available for Simplified Hold Pull List
Changes to Self-Check Interface
Different Styles for Long Overdue Lost Items in Billing Interface
Checkout: Trim whitespace from beginning and end of barcode
Wrong-Shelf Holds in Clearable Shelf-Expired Holds List
Customize Items Out Display for Lost, etc.
Adjustable font size in the staff client catalog
Standalone Mode Shortcut
User Setting Defaults
Added Content by Record ID
Bib record browser with linked authorities
Authority-enhanced bibliographic browse
Support for Conjoined Items
Shelving Location Filter
Linked library names in copy details
Ability to set search context by shortname
OPAC Maintenance Message
My List Enhancements
Web-Based Patron Self-Registration
Responsive catalog
RSS Links to Full Catalog Record
Serial Alerts At Receive Time
Support Reader Address Information in Routing Slip Template
Support SIP Hold Cancellation
Return Hold ID to SIP
Support for SIP "Renew All" messages
P.V. SUPA GoodStuff Integration