Vandelay Item Import Defaults

Via the Library Settings Editor (Org Unit Settings), support auto-generation of call numbers and barcodes for items imported via the staff client’s MARC Batch Import interface (a.k.a. Vandelay). Support settings for applying a local prefix string to auto-generated call numbers and barcodes. For both, the prefix defaults to "VAN".

Similarly, support default copy location and circ modifiers.

New Library Settings

  • Vandelay Generate Default Barcodes (
  • Vandelay Default Barcode Prefix (vandelay.item.barcode.prefix)
  • Vandelay General Default Call Numbers (
  • Vandelay Default Call Number Prefix (vandelay.item.call_number.prefix)
  • Vandelay Default Copy Location (vandelay.item.copy_location.default)
  • Vandelay Default Circulation Modifier (vandelay.item.circ_modifier.default)

Z39.50 Batch Search and Queue

Staff Work Flow

  • Staff add records to bib record buckets
  • Staff select the new "Locate Z39.50 Matches" action for a selected bucket.
  • Staff choose which Z39.50 sources and indexes to search and the destination queue.
  • Submitting the search fires a series of parallel Z39.50 searches across all selected Z39.50 sources.
  • Matches are added to the selected (Vandelay) queue.
  • Matched records may be manually or automatically overlaid to existing catalog records using the existing Vandelay import/merge/overlay features.

Vandelay Limit to Bucket

As a side effect of this feature, Vandelay now has a new option in the interface which allows staff to limit which catalog records to which an inbound record matches to bib records within a record bucket. When a record bucket and match set are chosen, only the records in the bucket can act as merge/overlay targets for the inbound Vandelay records.

Server Admin Settings

Z39.50 Index Field Maps can be used to map bib record indexes (Metabib Fields and Record Attributes) to Z39.50 search attributes. The purpose of the mapping is to allow the server to determine which values to use for the automated Z39.50 searches. For example, if the Z39.50 "title" attribute is mapped to the "Uniform Title" Metabib Field, the extracted value for "Uniform Title" for each record in the bucket will be used as the "title" value in the Z39.50 search.

Mappings can be applied to specific Z39.50 attributes, which define an attribute type and a Z39.50 source, or to generic attribute types (e.g. "title"). When a specific attribute is used, the mapping will only be applied to searches directed at the Z39.50 source linked to the attribute.

The management interface can be found in the staff client under

Admin ⇒ Server Administration ⇒ Z39.50 Index Field Maps

Metabib Field Additions

Stock config.metabib_field entries for author include additional author- related data, like dates. For example, a value for Personal Author might look like this:

girdlestone cuthbert morton 1895 1975 creator

In the context of searching Z39.50 servers, the extraneous data can be detrimental. Creating a separate field definition without the extra data is recommended.

INSERT INTO config.metabib_field
    (field_class, name, label, format, xpath, search_field)
    VALUES (
        'personal - trimmed',
        'Personal Author (trimmed)',
        '//mods32:mods/mods32:name[@type=''personal'' and mods32:role/mods32:roleTerm[text()=''creator'']]/mods32:namePart[not (@type)]',


Library Settings

  • Maximum Parallel Z39.50 Batch Searches (cat.z3950.batch.max_parallel)

    • The maximum number of Z39.50 searches that can be in-flight at any given time when performing batch Z39.50 searches
  • Maximum Z39.50 Batch Search Results (cat.z3950.batch.max_results)

    • The maximum number of search results to retrieve and queue for each record + Z39 source during batch Z39.50 searches