Part IX. Cataloging

Table of Contents

63. Introduction
64. Batch Importing MARC Records
Record Display Attributes
Record Match Sets
Creating a Match Set
Replace Mode
Quality Metrics
Import Records
Default Values for Item Import
Importing Authority Records from the Staff Client
65. Overlay Existing Catalog Record via Z39.50 Import
66. Z39.50 Search Enhancements
67. Monograph Parts
Add a monograph part to an existing record
68. Conjoined Items
Using the Conjoined Items Feature
69. Cataloging Electronic Resources — Finding Them in Catalog Searches
Adding a Located URI to the Record
Using Transcendent Bib Sources for Electronic Resources
70. MARC Batch Edit
Action (Rule Type)
Other Template Fields
Advanced Matching Restrictions (Optional)
71. Link Checker
Search for URLs
View Your Results
Manage Your Sessions
Edit Columns
Clone Sessions
View Verification Attempts