Other Template Fields

This is used to identify the field for adding, replacing, or deleting.
Subfield (optional)
Indicates which subfield is being edited.
Use this to indicate the data to add or used in replacing the existing data.

Advanced Matching Restrictions (Optional)

Subfield Regular Expression:: Using PERL syntax for a regular expression to identify the data to be removed or replaced.

Running a Template to Add, Delete, or Replace MARC data

  1. Click Cataloging→MARC Batch Edit
  2. Select Record source
  3. Select the appropriate bucket, load the CSV file or enter record id depending on Record source selected
  4. Select the Action Rule
  5. Enter the MARC Tag with no indicators (eg. 245)
  6. Enter the subfields with no spaces. Subfields are optional. Multiple subfield can be entered such as auz.
  7. Enter the MARC Data which is the value in the fields
  8. Enter optional Advanced Matching Restrictions

    1. Subfield
    2. Regular Expression (using PERL syntax)
  9. Click Go!
  10. Results page will display indicating the number of records successfully edited