Chapter 55. Authorities

Table of Contents

Authority Control Sets
Add a Control Set
Add a Thesaurus
Authority Fields
Create an Authority Field
Browse Axes
Create a new Browse Axis

Authority Control Sets

The tags and subfields that display in authority records in Evergreen are proscribed by control sets. The Library of Congress control set is the default control set in Evergreen. In Evergreen release 2.2, you can create customized control sets for authority records. Also, you can define thesauri and authority fields for these control sets.

Patrons and staff will be able to browse authorities in the OPAC. The following fields are browsable by default: author, series, subject, title, and topic. You will be able to add custom browse axes in addition to these default fields.

You can specify the MARC tags and subfields that an authority record should contain. The Library of Congress control set exists in the staff client by default. The control sets feature enables librarians to add or customize new control sets.

To access existing control sets, click AdminServer AdministrationAuthoritiesControl Sets.

Add a Control Set

  1. Click AdminServer AdministrationAuthoritiesControl Sets.
  2. Click New Control Set.
  3. Add a Name to the control set. Enter any number of characters.
  4. Add a Description of the control set. Enter any number of characters.
  5. Click Save.