Browse Axes

Authority records can be browsed, by default, along five axes: author, series, subject, title, and topic. Use the Browse Axes feature to create additional axes.

Create a new Browse Axis

  1. Click AdminServer AdministrationAuthoritiesBrowse Axes
  2. Click New Browse Axis.
  3. Add a code. Do not enter any spaces.
  4. Add a name to the axis that will appear in the OPAC. Enter any number of characters.
  5. Add a description of the axis. Enter any number of characters.
  6. Add a sorter attribute. The sorter attribute indicates the order in which the results will be displayed.

  7. Assign the axis to an authority so that users can find the authority record when browsing authorities. Click AdminServer AdministrationAuthoritiesControl Sets.
  8. Choose the control set to which you will add the axis. Click Authority Fields
  9. Click the link in the Axes column of the tag of your choice.
  10. Click New Browse Axis-Authority Field Map.
  11. Select an Axis from the drop down menu.
  12. Click Save.

Permissions to use this Feature

To use authority control sets, you will need the following permissions: