Chapter 54. Age hold protection

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Active date display in OPAC

Age hold protection prevents new items from filling holds requested for pickup at a library other than the owning library for a specified period of time.

You can define the protection period in AdminServer AdministrationAge Hold Protect Rules.

The protection period when applied to a copy record can start with the copy record create date (default) or active date. You can change this setting in AdminLocal AdministrationLibrary Settings Editor: Use Active Date for Age Protection.

In addition to time period, you can set the proximity value to define which organizational units are allowed to act as pickup libraries. The proximity values affect holds as follows:

Age protection only applies to individual copy records. You cannot configure age protection rules in hold policies.

Active date display in OPAC

If a library uses the copy’s active date to calculate holds age protection, the active date will display with the copy details instead of the create date in the staff client view of the catalog. Libraries that do not enable the Use Active Date for Age Protection library setting will continue to display the create date.