Evergreen 2.8.2

This release contains several bugfixes improving on Evergreen 2.8.1


  • Fixes an issue where a double-scan at checkin causes two holds to capture for the same item.
  • In patron registration, fixes a broken link in the alert informing staff that a patron with the same name already exists.
  • Fixes an issue where fully-paid long overdue items still appeared in the Other/Special Circulations window.
  • Fixes an error that appeared when staff tried to renew lost, claims returned or long overdue item.
  • Fixes a "Return to Record" link on the call number texting confirmation screen. The link previously broke in cases when the user was prompted to authenticate before texting.
  • Removes long overdue circs from the total items out count in My Account.

Public Catalog

  • Changes the behavior of the "Add Rows" link on the advanced search screen so that it no longer opens duplicate rows.
  • Removes the Bib Call Number from the query type selector.
  • Removes publication-specific information from a metarecord search results page
  • Prevents the "you have permission to override some of the failed holds" message from appearing when the user does not have permission to override holds.
  • Removes a stray semicolon that was appearing in browse search entries.


  • Prevents security warnings in the staff client when Google Analytics is enabled in the catalog.
  • Adds scrollbars when necessary to the item status alternate view tab.


  • Fixes an issue where strings with apostrophes could no longer be used to filter reports.


  • Creates a script allowing EDI Ruby dependency installation on Ubuntu 14.04.
  • Fixes compatibility issues with Debian Jessie.
  • Removes "Safe" CPAN dependency from Debian/Ubuntu Makefile.install files.
  • Removes the ability for staff to edit their own user accounts.
  • Adds an index on authority.simple_heading.record so that full table scans aren’t needed during authority record reingest.