Evergreen 2.8.3

This release contains several bugfixes improving on Evergreen 2.8.2


  • Restores sort order in the patron’s Items Out display so that overdue items sort to the top.
  • Changes the behavior of the checkin API so that future backdates are successfully ignored.
  • Fixes a problem where amnesty mode was ignored when backdating checkins.
  • Allows SIP to honor floating copy checkin locations.


  • Changes the behavior of the authority linker to now ignore $e and $4 in bib name headings.


  • Changes the behavior of the end-of-year process so that fund tags will now remain on propagated funds.
  • Allows staff with the CREAT_PURCHSE_ORDER permission to view distribution formulas, making it possible to use them for PO batch update operations.

Public Catalog

  • Improves performance of OPAC searches using format filters.
  • Removes opac_invisible copies from consideration when displaying copies on the search results page.
  • Fixes a UTF8 encoding issue with the SuperCat SRU service.


  • Optimizes the extend_reporter.full_circ_count view to improve performance for sites with large datasets.


  • Fixes a JS TypeError that prevents stat cats from displaying in the stat cat editor.
  • Fixes a problem where where the Collections API would crash when encountering users with null card values.
  • Updates the XULRunner URL in Makefile.am, allowing makefile to continue building the staff client.
  • Fixes a problem where the added content handler was not properly closing sockets.
  • Fixes a problem where the Library Settings History was not properly keeping the latest five settings per org unit.
  • Expands safe token generation to include user ID in the cached data, which can be retrieved later for activity logging.
  • Makes xpath-based record attribute definitions work.