Evergreen 2.8.1

This release contains several bugfixes improving on Evergreen 2.8.0.


  • Fixes an issue where direct charges were not disencumbered when the charge was removed from the PO or the PO was canceled.
  • Fixes an issue where direct charges were not calculated in the PO estimated price.
  • Refreshes the PO summary ammounts (spent, encumbered, estimated) each time an amount-changing event occurs.

Patron message center fixes and improvements

  • Fixes an issue where the user didn’t receive an ackowledgement after deleting a message.
  • Displays the unread message count in the page title for increased visibility.
  • Repositions the patron messages link to the dashboard button bar.
  • For messages that originate from public notes, adjusts the sending library to be the workstation library, not the home library of the note creator.
  • Improves styling for messages by using pre-wrap, which allows longer messages to wrap properly.
  • Fixes an issue where users already viewing a message cannot return to the message list by clicking on the 'Message" button in the patron dashboard.

Fine generator fixes

  • Fixes an issue where payment for a lost-then-returned item was not applied to overdues.
  • Fixes an issue where overdue fines could be doubled if both restore-overdue-on-lost-return and generate-new-overdues-on-lost-return are enabled.

Clear hold shelf checkin modifier fix

Fixes a network error that occurred when using the Clear Hold Shelf checkin modifier.

Fix Crash in Collections User Balance Summary

Previously a patron in collections that paid off all transactions would cause a crash and stop processing any balance summary file that they are supposed to appear in. Now user balance summaries can be created in full even if some users have a 0 balance.

Remove the ‡biblios.net Z39.50 target from seed data

The Z39.50 target at z3950.biblios.net/bibliographic has not worked for years, so its service definition is no longer provided in the seed data for new installations of Evergreen.

Users of existing Evergreen systems should consider removing the Z39.50 definition for ‡biblios.net. This can be done from Admin | Server Administration | Z39.50 Servers in the staff client.

Set resource limits for Clark Kent

Several parameters are now available for the reporter daemon process (clark-kent.pl) to control resource usage. These can be used to reduce the chances that a malformed report can cause indigestion on a database or reports server. The new parameters, which can be set in opensrf.xml or as command-line switches for clark-kent.pl are

  • //reporter/setup/statement_timeout / --statement-timeout

Number of minutes to allow a report’s underlying SQL query to run before it gets cancelled. Default value is 60 minutes. If a report’s query gets cancelled, the error_text value will be set to a valid that indicates that the allowed time was exceeded.

  • //reporter/setup/max_rows_for_charts / --max-rows-for-charts

Number of rows permitted in the query’s output before Clark Kent refuses to attempt to draw a graph. Default value is 1,000 rows.

  • //reporter/setup/resultset_limit / --resultset-limit

If set, truncates the report’s output to the specified number of hits. Note that it will not be apparent to a staff user if the report’s output has been truncated. Default value is unlimited.

The report concurrency (i.e., the number of reports that Clark Kent will run in parallel) can now also be controlled via the opensrf.xml setting //reporter/setup/parallel.

Install purge_pending_users.srfsh to /openils/bin by default

Since purge_pending_users.srfsh is in the example crontab, it should be installed to the Evergreen binaries directory (typically /openils/bin) by default.