Part IX. UX Administration

Table of Contents

22. TPac Configuration and Customization
Template toolkit documentation
Perl modules used directly by TPAC
Default templates
Apache configuration files
TPAC CSS and media files
Mapping templates to URLs
How to override templates
Defining multiple layers of overrides
Changing some text in the TPAC
23. Designing your catalog
Configuring and customizing the public interface
Locating the default template files
Mapping templates to URLs
How to override template files
Configuring the custom templates directory in Apache’s eg.conf
Adjusting colors for your public interface
Adjusting fonts in your public interface
Media file locations in the public interface
Changing some text in the public interface
Adding translations to PO file
Adding and removing MARC fields from the record details display page
Setting the default physical location for your library environment
Setting a default language and adding optional languages
Updating translations in Evergreen using current translations from Launchpad
Change Date Format in Patron Account View
Including External Content in Your Public Interface
Content Café
Google Analytics
SFX OpenURL Resolver
Syndetic Solutions
Clear External/Added Content Cache
Configure a Custom Image for Missing Images
Including Locally Hosted Content in Your Public Interface
File Location and Format
24. Designing the patron search experience
Editing the formats select box options in the search interface
Adding and removing search fields in advanced search
Changing the display of facets and facet groups
Facilitating search scope changes
Sitemap generator
Running the sitemap generator
Sitemap details
Troubleshooting TPAC errors
25. Ebook API integration
Ebook API service configuration
OverDrive API integration
OneClickdigital API integration
Additional configuration
26. Managing audio alerts
Globally silencing sounds
Self-check interface