Chapter 7. Migrating from a legacy system

Table of Contents

Making electronic resources visible in the catalog
Migrating your bibliographic records
Migrating your call numbers, copies, and parts
Migrating Patron Data
Creating an sql Script for Importing Patrons
Batch Updating Patron Data


When you migrate to Evergreen, you generally want to migrate the bibliographic records and copy information that existed in your previous library system. For anything more than a few thousand records, you should import the data directly into the database rather than use the tools in the staff client. While the data that you can extract from your legacy system varies widely, this section assumes that you or members of your team have the ability to write scripts and are comfortable working with SQL to manipulate data within PostgreSQL. If so, then the following section will guide you towards a method of generating common data formats so that you can then load the data into the database in bulk.