Quality Metrics

  1. Set the Quality Metrics for this Match Set. Quality metrics are used to determine the overall quality of a record. Each metric is given a weight and the total quality value for a record is equal to the sum of all metrics that apply to that record. For example, a record that has been cataloged thoroughly and contains accurate data would be more valuable than one of poor quality. You may want to ensure that the incoming record is of the same or better quality than the record that currently exists in your catalog; otherwise, you may want the match to fail. The quality metric is optional.
  2. You can create quality metrics based on the record attribute or the MARC Tag and Subfield.
  3. Click Record Attribute.
  4. Select an attribute from the drop down menu.
  5. Enter a value for the attribute.
  6. Enter a match score. You can enter any integer into this field. The number that you enter is only important as it relates to other quality values for the current configuration. Higher scores would indicate increasing quality of incoming records. You can, as in the expression match score, increase the quality points by increasing subsequent records by a power of 2 (two).
  7. Click Ok.