Preset Tabs in Evergreen Client

To have preset tabs waiting when Evergreen opens you will need to modify the Evergreen shortcut on your desktop.

  1. First, you need to copy your shortcut. There are a couple of ways to do this.

    1. Right-mouse click and drag icon; upon release select Create Shortcut Here.

    2. Right-mouse click icon, select Send to, and select Desktop (create shortcut).

  2. Right-mouse click the new shortcut and select Properties.

  3. Listed in the Target box you will see something like the following path surrounded by quotation marks: "C:\Program Files\Evergreen Staff Client MVLC\evergreen.exe"

  4. Place your cursor after the ending quotation mark. Enter a space after the last quotation mark and then enter the tab code from the list below. Add multiple tabs with a space separating them.


    For Example, to have Checkout, Checkin, Catalog Search, and a blank tab preset: "C:\Program Files\Evergreen Staff Client MVLC\evergreen.exe" -ilscheckout -ilscheckin -ilsurl XUL_OPAC_WRAPPER -ilstab . The following options are available:

    • -ILScheckin : Opens the Check In interface
    • -ILScheckout : Opens the Check Out interface
    • -ILSurl <url/constant> : Opens the specified page
    • -ILSnew : Opens a new "menu" window
    • -ILStab : Opens a new (default) tab
    • -ILSnew_default : Opens a new "menu" window with a guaranteed default tab
    • -ILSoffline/-ILSstandalone : Opens the standalone interface
    • -ILSlogin : Opens the login page

      Useful Tab Codes

      • -ilsurl XUL_PATRON_DISPLAY : Opens a Patron Search tab
      • -ilsurl XUL_HOLD_PULL_LIST : Opens a Pull List tab
      • -ilsurl XUL_HOLDS_BROWSER : Opens a Browse Holds Shelf tab
      • -ilsurl XUL_OPAC_WRAPPER : Opens an Advanced Catalog search tab
      • -ilsurl XUL_COPY_STATUS : Opens an Item status by barcode tab
      • -ilsurl XUL_RECORD_BUCKETS : Opens a Manage Record Buckets tab
      • -ilsurl XUL_COPY_BUCKETS : Opens a Manage Copy Buckets tab
      • -ilsurl XUL_MARC_NEW : Opens a Create new MARC record tab
      • -ilsurl XUL_Z3950_IMPORT : Opens an Import record from Z39.50 tab
      • To open two windows, one with checkin and checkout, one with Marc and Z39.50, use: -ilscheckin -ilscheckout -ilsnew -ilsurl XUL_MARC_NEW -ilsurl XUL_Z3950_IMPORT
  5. You may want to rename your shortcut to reflect its purpose. For example, you could have one icon set to open circulation-related tabs and one icon to open cataloging-related tabs. Right-mouse click and select Rename to do this.