Chapter 27. Logging in to Evergreen

Table of Contents

Standalone Interface
Preset Tabs in Evergreen Client
Auto Login
Logging Out

  1. Select the Locale to match your language preference.
  2. Enter the Hostname of the Evergreen server you are connecting.
  3. Click Test Server to ensure that you are able to reach the server. You should see “200 : OK” indicated in green for Status and Version.


    If Status indicates “There was an error testing this server”, check for a typo in the Hostname field or ask your administrator for the correct Hostname to use.

    IF version indicates “404 Not Found”, the server does not support the version of your staff client. You will need to download the correct version or contact your system administrator.

    If your server has a self-signed SSL certificate, you may need to click Add SSL Exception in order to login.

  4. Enter your Username and Password and click Login.
  5. If this is the first time you login from the workstation, you will need to register your workstation.

Standalone Interface

If your connection to Evergreen is lost, click Standalone Interface to circulate items or register patrons while connection is down.