Integrating Evergreen with Other Tools

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Table of Contents

I. Introduction
1. About This Documentation
2. About Evergreen
II. Adding Evergreen Search to Web Browsers
3. Adding OpenSearch to Firefox browser
III. Using Supercat
4. Introduction
5. ISBNs
6. Records
Record formats
Retrieve records
Recent records
IV. Using UnAPI
7. URL format
V. Using Opensearch as a developer
8. Introduction
VI. Module
9. Introduction
10. Adding Parameters
11. Output
12. Holds
13. Overdues
14. Skipping patrons with email notification of holds
15. Using the ws_ou parameter
16. Automating the download
VII. Adding an Evergreen search form to a web page
17. Introduction
18. Simple search form
19. Advanced search form
20. Encoding
21. Setting the document type
22. Setting the library
VIII. SIP Server
23. About the SIP Protocol
24. Installing the SIP Server
Getting the code
Configuring the Server
Adding SIP Users
Running the server
Testing Your SIP Connection
More Testing
25. SIP Communication
01 Block Patron
09/10 Checkin
11/12 Checkout
15/16 Hold
17/18 Item Information
19/20 Item Status Update
23/24 Patron Status
25/26 Patron Enable
29/30 Renew
35/36 End Session
37/38 Fee Paid
63/64 Patron Information
65/66 Renew All
93/94 Login
97/96 Resend
99/98 SC and ACS Status
26. Patron privacy and the SIP protocol
SIP server configuration
SSH tunnels on SIP clients
A. Attributions
B. Admonitions
C. Licensing

List of Tables

9.1. Parameters for the phonelist program:
12.1. Columns in the holds CSV file:
13.1. Columns in the overdues CSV file: