Recent records

SuperCat can return feeds of recently edited or created authority and bibliographic records:


Note the following features:


Filtering by Org Unit

You can generate a similar list, with the added ability to limit by Org Unit, using the item-age browse axis.

To produce an RSS feed by item date rather than bib date, and to restrict it to a particular system within a consortium:


Note the following:

  • ARL-BOG should be the short name of the org unit you’re interested in
  • 1 is the page (since you are browsing through pages of results)
  • 10 is the number of results to return per page

Modifying the atom portion of the URL to atom-full will include catalog links in the results:


Modifying the atom portion of the URL to html-full will produce an HTML page that is minimally formatted:


Additional Filters

If you’d like to limit to a particular status, you can append ?status=0 where 0 is the ID number of the status you’d like to limit to. If a number of statuses, you can append multiple status parameters (for example, ?status=0&status=1 will limit to items with a status of either 0 or 1).


Limiting to status is a good way to weed out on-order items from your feeds.

You can also limit by item location (?copyLocation=227 where 227 is the ID of your item location).