Chapter 13. Evergreen 3.0.3

Table of Contents

Upgrade Notes
Bug Fixes

Upgrade Notes

  • The upgrade script for 3.0.3 contains a post-transaction command to forcibly update the visibility attributes of all bibs that make use of Located URIs or bib sources. It may take a while to run on large datasets. If it it running too long, it can be canceled and the following psql commands will create and run a script that will perform the same action serially over time without blocking writes to bibs:
\o /tmp/luri_visibility_update.sql
SELECT 'UPDATE biblio.record_entry SET ' ||
  'vis_attr_vector = biblio.calculate_bib_visibility_attribute_set(id) ' ||
  'WHERE id = ' || id || '; SELECT ' || id || ';'
FROM biblio.record_entry
  WHERE id IN (
            SELECT  DISTINCT cn.record
              FROM  asset.call_number cn
              WHERE NOT cn.deleted
                    AND cn.label = '##URI##'
                    AND EXISTS (
                        SELECT  1
                          FROM  asset.uri_call_number_map m
                          WHERE m.call_number =
            SELECT id FROM biblio.record_entry WHERE source IS NOT NULL

\i /tmp/luri_visibility_update.sql

It will output the id of each updated bib so that the script can be killed and then edited to remove completed bibs. The remainder can be run at a later time.


When the internal flag ingest.reingest.force_on_same_marc is enabled, we do NOT update the bib’s visibility attributes, as doing so causes a loop and an eventual trigger stack violation. This flag should ONLY be used when forcing reingest of record attributes (NOT visibility attributes), search, facet, and display fields, so if using this flag under normal operation, proceed at your own risk and know that Located URI and bib source changes will not be reflected in the visibility attributes of the record.