Chapter 67. Copy Tags (Digital Bookplates)

Table of Contents

Creating Copy Tags
Create Copy Tag Types
Create Copy Tags
Managing Copy Tags
Editing Tags
Deleting Tags

Copy Tags allow staff to apply custom, pre-defined labels or tags to items. Copy tags are visible in the public catalog and are searchable in both the staff client and public catalog based on configuration. This feature was designed to be used for Digital Bookplates to attach donation or memorial information to items, but may be used for broader purposes to tag items.


New Permissions:

  • ADMIN_COPY_TAG_TYPES: required to create a new tag type under Server Administration→Copy Tag Types
  • ADMIN_COPY_TAG: required to create a new tag under Local Administration→Copy Tags


The existing permission UPDATE_COPY is required to assign a tag to a copy

New Library Settings:

  • OPAC: Enable Digital Bookplate Search: when set to True for a given org unit, the digital bookplate search option will be available in the catalog.