Chapter 16. Evergreen 2.10.0 New Features

Table of Contents

PO Line item "paid" label
Disencumber funds on invoice close
PO actions selector always visible
Set application name when connecting to database
Credit card receipts and privacy
Configure multiple telephony servers via action/trigger
Juvenile-to-adult batch script honors library setting
New reporting source for hold/copy ratios
New patron action/trigger notice
Improved password management and authentication
Sortable HTML reports
Additional fixed fields
Quickly export non-imported records
Link personal name/title series added entries
MARC stream importer authority records and repairs
Support for monograph parts import in MARC Batch Import/Export
Alternate parts selection display when placing holds
Web staff client patron editor
Non-active status copy transit message
Selectively disallow opt-in based on patron’s home library
Standing penalty ignore proximity
Patron checkout history stored in a dedicated table
Holds count column picker option
Distinct images for pop-ups and slips
Removal of unused methods
Public catalog
Editable borrowing history
Patron history disable warning
Include parts label when sorting copies on the record details page
Quick option to change search scope to all libraries
Limiter to exclude electronic resources
Expand unAPI API
New form/genre search and facet index
Limit number of facets retrieved during search
Significant bug fixes
Add acquisitions cancel reason 85 for Baker & Taylor EDI
Self-check printing


PO Line item "paid" label

A new "paid" label appears along the bottom of each line item in the PO display when every non-canceled copy on the line item has been invoiced.

Disencumber funds on invoice close

Fund debits linked to an invoice are now marked as paid (encumbrance=false) when the invoice is marked as closed/complete instead of at invoice create time. This is particularly useful for EDI invoices which may be created well in advance of receipt and payment.

PO actions selector always visible

The actions selector is now always visible in the purchase order view, even when no line items exist. With this, users can print PO’s that only contain direct charges.

The custom "Add Brief Record" button is no longer present, since the same action is accessible via the now-visible selector.