Additional fixed fields

The AccM, Comp, CrTp, EntW, Cont, FMus, LTxt, Orig, Part, Proj, Relf, SpFm, SrTp, Tech, and TrAr fixed fields have been defined and coded value maps added so they can also be used for Advanced Searches or inclusion in Composite Value Maps.

Note that AccM, Cont, LTxt, Relf, and SpFm are compositite values based on the values of "helper" fields like AccM(1), AccM(2), and so on. These positional fields can be ignored.

Coded value maps have also been added for Cont, Ctry, and DtSt, and the Time field has been defined. All of these fields are now available in the Fixed Field Editor when editing the appropriate records.

Quickly export non-imported records

When inspecting a queue in MARC Batch Import/Export, there is now a link to download to MARC file any records in the queue that were not imported into the catalog. This allows catalogers to quickly manipulate the records that failed to import using an external tool, then attempt to import them again.

Link personal name/title series added entries

The authority linker script now supports linking the MARC21 field 800 (series added entry - personal name) to authority records.

MARC stream importer authority records and repairs

The MARC stream importer script, commonly used with external services like OCLC Connexion, is now capable of importing authority records in addition to bib records. A single running instance of the script can import either type of record, based on the record leader.

New Options

  • --auth-merge-profile
  • --auth-queue
  • --bib-import-no-match
  • --bib-auto-overlay-exact
  • --bib-auto-overlay-1match
  • --bib-auto-overlay-best-match
  • --auth-import-no-match
  • --auth-auto-overlay-exact
  • --auth-auto-overlay-1match
  • --auth-auto-overlay-best-match

Deprecated options

The following options still work and map to the "bib" equivalent of the option, however a deprecation warning message is generated when the script is started.

  • --import-no-match
  • --auto-overlay-exact
  • --auto-overlay-1match
  • --auto-overlay-best-match

No longer supported options

--import-by-queue is no longer supported. This option serves no particular purpose and is a bad idea when re-using the same queue over and over as most people do, because queue bloat will increase run times.

--noqueue (AKA "direct import") is no longer supported. All imports go through Vandelay now.

Support for monograph parts import in MARC Batch Import/Export

When adding or overlaying copies in MARC Batch Import/Export (Vandelay), monograph part labels can now be assigned during the import process. This feature is modeled after the existing support for statistical category import. As such, it:

  • Uses | characters to separate labels to allow for multiple part assignment
  • Adds to (rather than replaces) any existing parts assigned to overlay copies