Setting Booking Permissions

Administrators can set permissions so that staff members can view reservations, make reservations, and make bibliographic or non-bibliographic items bookable.

If a staff member attempts to book an item for which they do not have the appropriate permissions, they will receive an error message.

To set permissions, select AdminServer AdministrationPermissions.

Staff members should be assigned the following permissions to do common tasks in the booking module. These permissions could be assigned to front line staff members, such as circulation staff. Permissions with an asterisk (*) are already included in the Staff permission group. All other booking permissions must be applied individually.

The following permissions allow users to do more advanced tasks, such as making items bookable, booking items on the fly, and creating non-bibliographic resources for booking.

In addition to having the permissions listed above, staff members will need a valid working location in their profiles. This should be done when registering new staff members.