Create a Bookable Status for Non-Bibliographic Items

Staff with the required permissions can create a bookable status for non-bibliographic items. For example, staff can book conference rooms or laptops. You will be able to create types of resources, specify the names of individual resources within each type, and set attributes to describe those resources. You can then bring the values together through the Resource Attribute Map.

  1. First, create the type of resource that you want to make bookable. Select AdminServer AdministrationBookingResource Types.

  2. A list of resource types will appear. You may also see titles of cataloged items on this screen if they were added using the Make Item Bookable or Book Now links. You should not attempt to add cataloged items on this screen; it is best to use the aforementioned links to make those items bookable. In this screen, you will create a type of resource.

  3. In the right corner, click New Resource Type.

  4. A box will appear in which you will create a type of resource. In this box, you can set fines, determine “elbow room” periods between reservations on this type of resource, and indicate if this type of resource can be transferred to another library. Click Save when you have entered the needed information.

  5. After you click Save, the box will disappear. Refresh the screen to see the item that you have added.

  6. Next, set the attributes for the type of resource that you have created. Select Server AdministrationBookingResource Attributes.

  7. Click New Resource Attribute.

  8. A box will appear in which you can add the attributes of the resource. Attributes are descriptive information that is provided to the staff member when the booking request is made. For example, an attribute of the projector may be a cart that allows for its transportation. Other attributes might be number of seats available in a room, or MAC or PC attributes for a laptop. Click Save when the necessary information has been entered.

  9. The box will disappear. Refresh the screen to see the added attribute.

  10. Next, add the values for the resource attributes. A value can be a number, yes/no, or any other meaningful information. Select Server AdministrationBookingResource Attribute Values.

  11. Select New Resource Attribute Value.

  12. A pop up box will appear. Select the Resource Attribute from the drop down box. Add the value. You can add multiple values for this field. Click Save when the required information has been added.

  13. If you refresh the screen, the attribute value may not appear, but it has been saved.

  14. Next, identify the specific objects that are associated with this resource type. Click AdminServer AdministrationBookingResources.

  15. Click New Resource.

  16. A pop-up box will appear. Add information for the resource and click Save. Repeat this process for each resource.

  17. Refresh the screen, and the resource(s) that you added will appear.

  18. Finally, use Resource Attribute Maps to bring together the resource and its attributes. Select AdminServer AdministrationBookingResource Attribute Maps.

  19. Select New Resource Attribute Map

  20. Select the resource that you want to match with its attributes, then click Save. Repeat for all applicable resources.

  21. You have now created bookable, non-bibliographic resource(s) with attributes.