Using Evergreen’s Public Catalog

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Table of Contents

I. Introduction
1. About This Documentation
2. About Evergreen
II. Using the Public Access Catalog
3. Basic Search
4. Advanced Search
Sort Results
Search Library
Limit to Available
Exclude Electronic Resources
Search Filter
Numeric Search
Expert Search
5. Boolean operators
6. Search Tips
7. Search Methodology
Order of Results
8. Search Results
Facets: Subjects, Authors, and Series
Viewing a record
9. Details
Placing Holds
SMS Call Number
Going back
10. Search URL
locg Parameter
qtype Parameter
11. My Account
Logging In
Password Reset
Account Summary
Items Checked Out
Account Preferences
Patron Messages
12. My Lists
Create New Lists
Local Call Number in My Lists
My Lists Preferences
13. Catalog Browse
14. TPAC Metarecord Search and Metarecord Level Holds
15. Bibliographic Search Enhancements
Use the Catalog to Retrieve Records with Specified Date Ranges:
Use a Feed to Retrieve Records with Specified Date Ranges:
16. Binary MARC21 Feeds
17. Library Information Pages
18. Introduction
19. Choose a Skin
20. Search the Catalog
21. Place a Hold
22. Save Items to a List
23. Third Party Content
24. Configuration Files
IV. Adding Evergreen Search to Web Browsers
25. Adding OpenSearch to Firefox browser
V. Library visibility on the Web
26. Introduction
27. Catalog data in search engines
Details of the mapping
Viewing microdata
Other helpful features for search engines
28. SKOS support
29. Sitemap generator
A. Attributions
B. Admonitions
C. Licensing

List of Tables

5.1. Boolean symbolic operators