Chapter 12. Overdues

If you add the overdue parameter, you can get a list of patrons with overdue copies instead of a list of patrons with copies on the hold shelf. By default, this will give you a list of patrons with copies that are 14 days overdue. If you’d like to specify a different number of days you can add the number after the parameter with an equals sign:


The above will retrieve a list of patrons who have items that are 21 days overdue at the location with ID of 2.

The number of days is an exact lookup. This means that the program will look only at patrons who have items exactly 14 days or exactly the number of days specified overdue. It does not pull up any that are less than or greater than the number of days specified.

As always, you can add the skipemail parameter to skip patrons with email notifications of their overdues, see Skipping patrons with email notification of holds as described below.

Table 12.1. Columns in the overdues CSV file:


Patron’s name first and last.


Patron’s phone number.


Patron’s barcode.


A colon-separated list of titles that the patron has overdue.