Chapter 10. Output

On a successful run, the program will return a CSV file named phone.csv. Depending on your browser or settings you will alternately be prompted to open or save the file. Your browser may also automatically save the file in your Downloads or other designated folder. You should be able to open this CSV file in Excel, LibreOffice Base, any other spread sheet program, or a text editor.

If you have made a mistake and have mistyped your user name or password, or if you supply a ws_ou parameter with an ID where your user name does not have permission to look up holds or overdue information, then you will get an error returned in your browser.

Should your browser appear to do absolutely nothing at all. This is normal. When there is no information for you to download, the server will return a 200 NO CONTENT message to your browser. Most browsers respond to this message by doing nothing at all. It is possible for there to be no information for you to retrieve if you added the skipemail option and all of your notices for that day were sent via email, or if you ran this in the morning and then again in the afternoon and there was no new information to gather.

The program does indicate that it has already looked at a particular hold or overdue and will skip it on later runs. This prevents duplicates to the same patron in the same run. It will, however, create a duplicate for the same patron if a different copy is put on hold for that patron in between two runs.

The specific content of the CSV file will vary if you are looking at holds or overdues. The specific contents are described in the appropriate sections below.