17/18 Item Information

The request looks like:

17<xact_date>[fields: AO,AB,AC]

The request is very terse. AC is optional.

The following response structure is for SIP2. (Version 1 of the protocol had only 6 total fields.)



1720060110    215612AOBR1|ABno_such_barcode|
1801010120100609    162510ABno_such_barcode|AJ|
1720060110    215612AOBR1|AB1565921879|
1810020120100623    171415AB1565921879|AJPerl 5 desktop reference|CK001|AQBR1|APBR1|BGBR1
|CTBR3|CSQA76.73.P33V76 1996|

The first case is with a bogus barcode. The latter shows an item with a circulation_status of 10 for in transit between libraries. The known values of circulation_status are enumerated in the spec.

EXTENSIONS: The CT field for destination location and CS call number are used by Automated Material Handling systems.