Search the catalogue to create a reservation

If you would like to reserve a catalogued item but do not know the item barcode, you may start with a catalogue search.

1) In the staff client, select Cataloguing -→ Search the Catalogue or keyboard shortcut F3 to search for the item you wish to reserve. You may search by any bibliographic information.

2) Click the title to display the record summary. In the Copy Summary, select Copy Details in Actions column.

3) The Copy Details will appear in a new row. In the barcode column, click the book now link.

4) A screen showing the title and barcodes of available copies will appear.

5) Enter the user’s barcode in the Reserve to patron barcode box. The user’s existing reservations, if any, will appear at the bottom of the screen.

6) Select the date and time in I need this resource… section. If the date and time set is incorrect the boxes appear in red. For example, if the time for which the reservation is set has already passed, the boxes will appear in red.

7) Select pickup location. If there are multiple copies and any of the listed items is acceptable, click Reserve Any. To choose a specific item, select it and then click Reserve Selected.

8) A message will confirm that the action succeeded. Click OK on the prompt.

9) The screen will refresh, and the reservation will appear below the user’s name.


Reservations on catalogued items can be created on Item Status (F5) screen. Select the item, then Actions for Selected Items → Book Item Now.