Chapter 64. Editing users

You can change the following fields in batch:


You will need the UPDATE_USER permission.

Each change set requires a name. Buckets may have multiple change sets. All users in the Bucket at the time of processing are updated when the change set is processed, and change sets are processed immediately upon successful creation. The interface delivers progress information regarding the processing stage and percent of completion.

While processing the users, the original value for each field edited is recorded for potential future rollback. Users can examine the success and failure of applied change sets.

The user will be able to rollback the entire change set, but not parts thereof. The rollback will affect only those users that were successfully updated by the original change set and may be different from the current set of users in the Bucket. Users can manually discard change sets, removing them from the interface but preventing future rollback.

As a batch process, rather than a direct edit, this mechanism explicitly skips processing of Action/Trigger event definitions for user update, so users will not receive any notifications that they might otherwise receive when their accounts are edited.