Batch Edit All Users

To batch edit all users in a user bucket:

  1. Go to Circulation→User Buckets and select the Bucket View tab.
  2. Click Buckets and select the bucket you want to modify from the list of existing buckets.

    1. After selecting a bucket, the Name, Description, number of items, and creation date of the bucket will appear at the top of the screen.
  3. Verify the list of users in the bucket and click Batch edit all users. A dialog box called Update all users will appear where you can select the batch modifications to be made to the user accounts.
  4. Assign a Name for edit set. This name will allow staff to identify the batch edit for future verification or rollbacks.
  5. Set the values that you want to modify. The following fields can be modified in batch:

    • Home Library
    • Profile Group
    • Network Access Level
    • Barred flag
    • Active flag
    • Juvenile flag
    • Privilege Expiration Date
  6. Click Apply Changes. The modification(s) will be applied in batch.