Chapter 102. Using the Public Access Catalog

Table of Contents

Basic Search
Advanced Search
Sort Results
Search Library
Limit to Available
Search Filter
Numeric Search
Expert Search
Search Tips
Search Methodology
Order of Results
Search URL
Search Results
Facets: Subjects, Authors, and Series
Viewing a record
Placing Holds
Going back
My Account
Logging In
Password Reset
Account Summary
Items Checked Out
Account Preferences

Basic Search

From the OPAC home, you can conduct a basic search of all materials owned by all libraries in your Evergreen system.

This search can be as simple as typing keywords into the search box and clicking the Search button. Or you can make your search more precise by limiting your search by fields to search, material type or library location.

The Homepage contains a single search box for you to enter search terms. You can get to the Homepage at any time by clicking the Another Search link from the leftmost link on the bar above your search results in the catalogue, or you can enter a search anywhere you see a search box.

You can select to search by:

  • Keyword —finds the terms you enter anywhere in the entire record for an item, including title, author, subject, and other information.
  • Title —finds the terms you enter in the title of an item.
  • Journal Title — finds the terms you enter in the title of a serial bib record.
  • Author —finds the terms you enter in the author of an item.
  • Subject —finds the terms you enter in the subject of an item. Subjects are categories assigned to items according to a system such as the Library of Congress Subject Headings.
  • Series —finds the terms you enter in the title of a multi-part series.
  • Bib Call Number —finds the terms you enter in the call number field of a bib record.


To search an item copy call number, if different from Bib Call Number, use Advanced Search: Numeric


You can limit your search by formats based on MARC fixed field type:

  • Cartographic material
  • Computer file
  • Kit
  • Language material - More commonly referred to as books
  • Manuscript cartographic material
  • Manuscript language material
  • Manuscript notated music
  • Mixed materials
  • Musical sound recording - This includes music on CD or other media.
  • Nonmusical sound recording - This includes books read aloud on CDs or other media.
  • Notated music
  • Projected medium - More commonly known as video formats like DVDs
  • Three-dimensional artifact or naturally occurring object
  • Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic


If you are using a catalogue in a library or accessing a library’s online catalogue from its homepage, the search will return items for your local library. If your library has multiple branches, the result will display items available at your branch and all branches of your library system separately.