Restart the affected services to see the new data source in the reporter

The following steps are needed to for Evergreen to recognize the changes to fm_IDL.xml

  1. Copy the updated fm_IDL.xml into place:

    cp fm_IDL.xml /openils/conf/.
  2. (Optional) Make the reporter version of fm_IDL.xml match the core version. Evergreen systems supporting only one interface language will normally find that /openils/var/web/reports/fm_IDL.xml is a symbolic link pointing to /openils/conf/fm_IDL.xml, so no action will be required. However, systems supporting multiple interfaces will have a different version of fm_IDL.xml in the /openils/var/web/reports directory. The right way to update this is to go through the Evergreen internationalization build process to create the entity form of fm_IDL.xml and the updated fm_IDL.dtd files for each supported language. However, that is outside the scope of this document. If you can accept the reporter interface supporting only one language, then you can simply copy your updated version of fm_IDL.xml into the /openils/var/web/reports directory:

    cp /openils/conf/fm_IDL.xml /openils/var/web/reports/.
  3. As the opensrf user, run Autogen to to update the Javascript versions of the fieldmapper definitions.

  4. As the opensrf user, restart Perl services: -l -a restart_perl
  5. As the opensrf user, restart C services: -l -a restart_c
  6. As the root user, restart the Apache web server:

    service apache2 restart
  7. As the opensrf user, restart the Evergreen reporter. You may need to modify this command depending on your system configuration and PID path: -l -action restart -service open-ils.reporter \
    -config /openils/conf/opensrf_core.xml -pid-dir /openils/var/run
  8. Restart the Evergreen staff client, or use Admin -→ For Developers -→ Clear Cache