To renew an item, you must know the item’s barcode number. The patron’s barcode is optional.

To renew items from the Evergreen standalone interface:

  1. Click Renew on the top menu bar.


    The Renew window is very similar to the Check Out window. The differences are that a patron’s barcode is optional on the Renew window, and the non-barcoded option is not available on the Renew window, as non-barcoded items can not be renewed.

  2. Ensure that the date on the left-hand side of the menu bar is correct.
  3. (Optional): Enter the patron’s library card barcode in the Enter the patron’s barcode field by scanning or typing the barcode.
  4. Ensure that the due date is correct in the Enter the item due date field. You may enter a different due date manually, or select a different duration from the dropdown list to select a relative due date based on the loan period.
  5. For each item to be renewed, enter the item’s barcode in the Enter the item barcode field. The barcode appears on the right side of the screen.
  6. To print a receipt, select the Print receipt? checkbox.
  7. Click Save these transactions.