Installing on Linux

  1. On the Evergreen server, navigate to the staff_client directory inside the Evergreen source:

    cd  /path/to/Evergreen/Open-ILS/xul/staff_client
  2. As the root user, build release versions of staff clients for both 32-bit and 64-bit Linux systems:

    make rigrelease rebuild linux32-updates-client linux64-updates-client

    This builds and copies two staff client tarballs for Linux to the updates directory on the Web server.

  3. As the root user, reset the ownership of the Evergreen install directory to the opensrf user. For example, if your install directory is /openils:

    chown -R opensrf:opensrf /openils
  4. On your staff client workstation, download the 32-bit or 64-bit version of the staff client from your Web server at http://hostname/updates/manualupdate.html (where hostname represents the hostname of your Web server).
  5. On your staff client workstation, create a directory with the name of your staff client and version.
  6. Extract the tar files into that directory.
  7. Within the directory, click on the evergreen file to start the program.

    Or, you can run the program from a terminal (command line). For example, if the staff client files were extracted to a directory called evergreen_client in your home directory, you can run it with: