Chapter 80. Group Serials Issues in the Template Toolkit OPAC

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Displaying Issues in the OPAC

In previous versions of Evergreen, issues of serials displayed in a list ordered by publication date. The list could be lengthy if the library had extensive holdings of a serial. Using the Template Toolkit OPAC that is available in version 2.2, you can group issues of serials in the OPAC by chronology or enumeration. For example, you might group issues by date published or by volume. Users can expand these hyperlinked groups to view holdings of specific issues. The result is a clean, easy-to-navigate interface for viewing holdings of serials with a large quantity of issues.


This feature is only available in the Template Toolkit OPAC.


Enable the following organizational unit settings to use this feature:

  1. Click AdminLocal AdministrationLibrary Settings Editor.
  2. Search or scroll to find Serials: Default display grouping for serials distributions presented in the OPAC.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Enter enum to display issues by enumeration, or enter chron to display issues in chronological order. This value will become your default setting for display issues in the OPAC.
  5. Click Update Setting.
  6. Search or scroll to find OPAC: Use fully compressed serials holdings.
  7. Select the value, True, to view a compressed holdings statement.
  8. Click Update Setting.