Evergreen-specific OpenSRF services

Evergreen is currently the primary showcase for the use of OpenSRF as an application architecture. Evergreen 1.6.0 includes the following set of OpenSRF services:

Of some interest is that the open-ils.reporter-store and open-ils.cstore services have identical implementations. Surfacing them as separate services enables a deployer of Evergreen to ensure that the reporting service does not interfere with the performance-critical open-ils.cstore service. One can also direct the reporting service to a read-only database replica to, again, avoid interference with open-ils.cstore which must write to the master database.

There are only a few significant services that are not built on OpenSRF in Evergreen 1.6.0, such as the SIP and Z39.50 servers. These services implement different protocols and build on existing daemon architectures (Simple2ZOOM for Z39.50), but still rely on the other OpenSRF services to provide access to the Evergreen data. The non-OpenSRF services are reasonably self-contained and can be deployed on different servers to deliver the same sort of deployment flexibility as OpenSRF services, but have the disadvantage of not being integrated into the same configuration and control infrastructure as the OpenSRF services.