Batch Updating Patron Data

For academic libraries, doing batch updates to add new patrons to the Evergreen database is a critical task. The above procedures and import script can be easily adapted to create an update script for importing new patrons from external databases. If the data import file contains only new patrons, then, the above procedures will work well to insert those patrons. However, if the data load contains all patrons, a second staging table and a procedure to remove existing patrons from that second staging table may be required before importing the new patrons. Moreover, additional steps to update address information and perhaps delete inactive patrons may also be desired depending on the requirements of the institution.

After developing the scripts to import and update patrons have been created, another important task for library staff is to develop an import strategy and schedule which suits the needs of the library. This could be determined by registration dates of your institution in the case of academic libraries. It is important to balance the convenience of patron loads and the cost of processing these loads vs staff adding patrons manually.