Using Transcendent Bib Sources for Electronic Resources

Connecting a bib record to a transcendent bib source will make the record visible in search results regardless of the user’s search scope.

To start, you need to create a transcendent bib source by adding it to config.bib_source in the Evergreen database and setting the transcendant field to true. For example:

# INSERT INTO config.bib_source(quality, source, transcendant, can_have_copies) VALUES (50, ‘ebooks’, TRUE, FALSE);


If you want to allow libraries to add copies to these records, set the can_have_copies field to TRUE. If you want to prevent libraries from adding copies to these records, set the can_have_copies field to FALSE.

When adding or uploading bib records for electronic resources, set the bibliographic source for the record to the newly-created transcendent bibliographic source. Using the staff client, the bibliographic source can be selected in the MARC Batch Import interface when importing new, non-matching records or in the MARC Edit interface when editing existing records.