Mapping templates to URLs

The mapping for templates to URLs is straightforward. Following are a few examples, where <templates> is a placeholder for one or more directories that will be searched for a match:

The template files themselves can process, be wrapped by, or include other template files. For example, the home.tt2 template currently involves a number of other template files to generate a single HTML file:

Example Template Toolkit file: opac/home.tt2. 

[%  PROCESS "opac/parts/header.tt2";
    WRAPPER "opac/parts/base.tt2";
    INCLUDE "opac/parts/topnav.tt2";
    ctx.page_title = l("Home") %]
    <div id="search-wrapper">
        [% INCLUDE "opac/parts/searchbar.tt2" %]
    <div id="content-wrapper">
        <div id="main-content-home">
            <div class="common-full-pad"></div>
            [% INCLUDE "opac/parts/homesearch.tt2" %]
            <div class="common-full-pad"></div>
[% END %]

We will dissect this example in some more detail later, but the important thing to note is that the file references are relative to the top of the template directory.