Hold Targeter Repairs and Improvements

A series of changes were made to the new hold targeter available in 2.12.

New --next-check-interval Option

Specify how long after the current run time the targeter will retarget the currently affected holds. Applying a specific interval is useful when the retarget-interval is shorter than the time between targeter runs.

For example, if the targeter is run nightly at midnight with a --retarget-interval 36h, you would set --next-check-interval to 48hr, since the holds won’t be processed again until 48 hours later. This ensures that the org unit closed date checks are looking at the correct date.

This setting overrides the default behavior of calculating the next retarget time from the retarget-interval.

New --soft-retarget-interval Option

This is a replacement for (and rebranding of) the --skip-viable option. The new option allows for time-based soft-targeting instead simple binary on/off soft-targeting.

How soft-targeting works: * Update hold copy maps for all affected holds * Holds with viable targets (on the pull list) are otherwise left alone. * Holds without viable targets are retargeted in the usual manner.