Chapter 12. Evergreen 2.12.3

Table of Contents

Web Client Bug Fixes
Other Bug Fixes

This release contains several bug fixes improving on Evergreen 2.12.2.

Web Client Bug Fixes

The web client, which is available for trial production use in libraries, received several fixes in this release:

  • The receipt on payment checkbox now prints a receipt at time of payment.
  • The Items Out count in the patron screen now includes long overdue items.
  • A fix was added to prevent values from a previously-edited patron from appearing in the edit form of a subsequent patron.
  • User notification preferences now save correctly in the patron registration and edit forms.
  • The UPDATE_MARC permission is no longer requested when performing a search from the staff catalog.
  • Non-cataloged circulations now display in the Items Out screen without requiring a refresh.
  • Required statistical categories are now required to be entered in the copy editor. (A similar bug for the patron editor was fixed in the 2.12.1 release).
  • Voiding bills now requires confirmation.
  • Staff can no longer use the copy editor to put items into or out of the following statuses: checked out, lost, in transit, on holds shelf, long overdue, and canceled transit.
  • The contrast is improved for alert text showing the amount a patron owes in bills.
  • Circ modifiers now sort alphabetically in the copy editor.