Chapter 34. Creating a New Skin: the Bare Minimum

Table of Contents

Apache directives
Customizing templates

When you adopt the TPAC as your catalog, you must create a new skin. This involves a combination of overriding template files and setting Apache directives to control the look and feel of your customized TPAC.

Apache directives

There are a few Apache directives and environment variables of note for customizing TPAC behavior. These directives should generally live within a <vhost> section of your Apache configuration.

  • OILSWebDefaultLocale specifies which locale to display when a user lands on a page in the TPAC and has not chosen a different locale from the TPAC locale picker. The following example shows the fr_ca locale being added to the locale picker and being set as the default locale:

    PerlAddVar OILSWebLocale "fr_ca"
    PerlAddVar OILSWebLocale "/openils/var/data/locale/opac/fr-CA.po"
    PerlAddVar OILSWebDefaultLocale "fr-CA"
  • physical_loc is an Apache environment variable that sets the default physical location, used for setting search scopes and determining the order in which copies should be sorted. The following example demonstrates the default physical location being set to library ID 104:

    SetEnv physical_loc 104