Creating a Distribution

Distributions indicate the branches that should receive copies of a serial. Distributions work together with streams to indicate the number of copies that should be sent to each branch.

Creating a Distribution
  1. Click the Distributions tab.
  2. Click New Distribution.
  3. Enter a name for the distribution in the Label field. It may be useful to identify the branch to which you are distributing these issues in this field. This field is not publicly visible and only appears when an item is received. There are no limits on the number of characters that can be entered in this field.
  4. Select a holding library from the drop down menu. The holding library is the branch that will receive the copies.
  5. Select a copy template from the Receive Unit Template drop down menu. This menu is populated with the copy templates that you created in Copy Template Editor.


    Label, Holding Library, and Receive Unit Template are required fields in the new distribution pop up box.

  6. Ignore the fields, Unit Label Prefix and Unit Label Suffix. These fields are not functional in Alternate Serial Control View.

    New Distribution Form
  7. Click Save. The distribution will appear in a list in the Distributions tab in the Subscription Details.