Active Date Column Picker Option

The active date will now be available as a column picker option in the Item Status screen.

Punctuation Insensitive Patron Search

When performing a patron search, punctuation characters will be ignored. So if the patron is named O’Brien, then you can enter Obrien, O’Brien, O Brien, etc. in the search box.

This behavior affects the Last Name (internally: family_name), First Name (first_given_name), and Middle Name (second_given_name) fields of the search.

Touch screen improvements for Evergreen self-check interface

Improvements were made to the Evergreen self-check interface to make it easier to use in a touch-screen environment.

  • The pay fines link is now a pay fines button, matching other buttons on the page.
  • The checkboxes have been enlarged, making them easier to activate when using a touch screen.

Trial Production Use of the Web Staff Client

The new web staff client is ready for trial production use in all functional areas with the exception of serials and offline transactions. In addition to many bug fixes in the areas of circulation, cataloging, administration and reporting, Release 2.12 sees the following additions to web client functionality.

  • Acquisitions interfaces and functionality have been integrated into the web staff client.
  • Booking interfaces and functionality have been integrated into the web staff client.
  • Hatch, the program that will allow for unmediated printing to multiple printers, sharing of workstation settings, and, eventually, offline transactions is now available. A windows installer for Hatch will be available on the Evergreen-ILS Downloads page.

The Evergreen developers will keep pilot libraries updated about known web client issues by posting known bugs to .

About Hatch

Hatch is not required to use the web client, but should be used for workstations that need to perform the following tasks.

  • Unmediated printing to multiple printers. Workstations can print to multiple printers without Hatch, but will need to click through a dialog to select a printer. Hatch allows workstations to automatically print, without dialog, to different printers.
  • Storage of workstation settings in a place outside the browser. Storing local preferences in hatch will prevent tampering with preferences via the browser developer tools and protect the settings from possible deletion if the browser deletes settings in local storage.
  • When offline functionality is available, hatch will be required to perform offline transactions.

Hatch is currently run as a Chrome extension and is not available in Firefox. To use hatch on Windows, Evergreen sites should:

  1. install a java runtime environment version 8 (or higher) if not already installed,
  2. download and execute the installer from the Evergreen downloads page,
  3. open Chrome and navigate to chrome://extensions,
  4. enable Developer Mode along the top right of the page,
  5. click the Load Unpacked Extension button,
  6. load the directory at Hatch → extension → app,

    1. In Windows, the default location for the app directory will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Hatch\extension\app
  7. enable hatch features in the web client by going to Administration → Workstation Administration → Print/Storage Service ("Hatch") and choosing which services to use with Hatch.

    1. this page will also inform you that hatch is connected.